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Artist Statement

I am consistently motivated by investigating my psyche and the unconscious mind. It has been a lifelong journey, inspired by Carl Jung and previous to that Freud.  I am simply compelled to create and have been since I can remember.  

I work through painting, assemblage, digital art, and installation, employing various strategies to access animus, the shadow, and the collective unconscious.  Through creative expression, I attempt to externalize the inner reality of my psyche. I attempt to transcend persona to connect with my true self where I hope to reconcile internal conflicts as Jung would have put it, ‘individuation’. The work is often full of symbolism and archetypes which I believe are often perceived and related to on an unconscious level.  

I view myself as an intuitive, expressive and experimental artist. I enjoy exploring various media to facilitate full articulation of my moods, memories and internal dialogues in a visual manner.​